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Why me?

Choosing the right home inspector can be almost as important as choosing the right home. Why? Because many homes, even new ones, have defects that you may not notice. A skilled home inspection professional has the experience needed to look for visual signs of defects in your new home. These defects, if not noticed and repaired prior to closing, can cost you, the new homeowner, hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Should the buyer be present during the inspection?

YES! If possible, being present during a home inspection is the opportunity to hear explanations directly from me. After the inspection, I write a detailed report about my findings. Sometimes, these reports can make issues seem more significant than they actually are. However, if a buyer is present and walks around with me, I can ease some of your concerns.

Should the seller of a house get a pre-listing Home Inspection?

Of course I am going to say yes 90% of the times I am asked this, but for an unbiased answer check out this weblink: Pros and Cons of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection


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